Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Loss is a common problem these days. Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to Hair loss in men and women. It is a minimally invasive procedure but not as simple as it sounds. A lot of expertise and dedication is required for the same. In the recent year’s numerous Hair transplant clinics have come up in our city and that have made the procedure very commercial. Before finalizing a Hair Transplant surgeon the patient must do proper research on the details of this procedure.


What is Hair Transplant?

The procedure of picking up the hair follicle from the non-balding site and transplanting it to the balding area is known as Hair Transplant. It is also known as hair restoration surgery. The area from where hair is picked is called donor site and the balding area where the hair is transplanted is known as the recipient site.

Importance of experienced surgeon for Hair transplant:

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure and has rare complications. It is very important to maintain hygiene to prevent adverse effects. Also, there have been cases where inexperienced surgeons have wasted the graft where reconstructive surgery has also been hampered.

Factors to consider while choosing a Hair Transplant clinic:

Hair Transplant is an amalgamation of art and science. It is not as simple as some clinics might want you to believe. Opt for a free consultation to know all the factors in detail.

Transparency-It is important to understand that the doctor is transplanting as many grafts as he is promising.

Hygiene– It is very important that the clinic maintenance is proper and hygiene protocols are being followed

Results-The hair transplant outcome should mimic the natural hair growth. It should follow the same growth direction and hairline.

Cost-Benefit analysis-It happens at times that experienced well-established clinics look expensive in the beginning but overall they deliver much more value. Make sure your grafts do not get wasted and you get what you are paying for.

It is important that you get the results that you are looking for hence Sunshine Hair clinic is your safest bet. Come to our Hair transplant clinic in Rajouri garden and understand what suits you the best.

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