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Why we are different?

With such huge numbers of alternatives for do a hair transplant, for what reason would anyone pick us as a choice? From patients perspective there are such a significant number of variables engaged with settling on this decision. Cost of the method, name of the specialist and name of hair transplant chain, relatives or companions suggestion and so on are the main factors by which anybody picks a hair transplant focus. In this blog entry we will attempt to feature a portion of the variables by which patients have picked our center as their place of decision.

Best Hair Transplant

Specialist Doctor: We have a qualified experienced hair transplant specialist who initials interview, subsequent meet-ups and whole strategy. This point can not be sufficiently featured. A hair transplant specialist himself/herself completing an underlying assessment and examination, giving a unite appraise is precious for any individual. As a result of the ‘corporat’- ization of hair transplant division, this has turned out to be tranquil extraordinary. Numerous spots have “deals staff” as your underlying counsel, who, for clear reasons, would think just about deals. At these spots, the specialists see the patient just amid the morning of the medical procedure. We don’t have deals workforce doing meeting or subsequent meetups. All interview, subsequent meet-ups and some other checks are done just by specialists.

Entire procedure done by doctors: There are two noteworthy strides in FUE hair transplant. One is extraction of the unions from the back of the scalp and the following one is implantation of these unions in the coveted area. In numerous focuses the second step is done by assistants and not by specialists. We observed that by doing so the accuracy and quality of the implantation and final hair growth pattern was affected severely. Indeed, even with best extraction of the unions, in the event that they are not appropriately embedded, the hairs neglect to deteriorate still, develop at strange points. Since this perception, just specialists do the implantation at our middle. Partners never do the implantation procedure. This not just guarantees that best and astounding outcomes, yet additionally unwinds the patients as they probably am aware they are in great hands all through the strategy. This is by far the most common factor by which the patients choose our centre over others.

No maintenance medications/treatments: As planted hairs in hair transplant don’t require any meds to survive, we don’t recommend superfluous pharmaceuticals for “better development” or “better mending” after hair transplant. We just take after what is experimentally demonstrated and tried. A portion of the patient may require some form of treatment for unique hairs, yet for the planted hairs no uncommon treatment is required.

Full transparency: Full disclosure of the graft count is done for the patients. As a consumer, patient has every right to know and check the number of grafts extracted.

High densities: Because of the specialists doing all extractions and implantation we figure out how to accomplish high densities. The result of this is more full and extravagant hair development.

Ability to do “non-trimmed” hair transplant:  In specific cases we additionally give FUE hair transplant without finish trimming/shaving of the hairs. This gives leverage for the general population who would prefer not to adjust their appearance essentially after a hair transplant. This reduces the down time and makes the patient join his/her duties earlier. Please check this video for details of “non-trimmed” or “concealed trimming” for FUE hair transplant.

At sunshine hair clinic you can find the best hair transplant surgery at an affordable cost. Contact us for a free consultation.

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