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Hair Transplant in Delhi


Hair Transplant in Delhi


There are many men and women who are constantly looking for the best hair transplant in Delhi. To explain everything about the cost of hair loss and hair removal, Sunshine Hair Clinic is OK.
Before you begin the idea of treating hair loss, we suggest that you check the cost of hearing loss.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair removal has caught the world of hair restoration by storm and is often seen with pride promoted by celebrities and athletes. This is a process where the existing hair moved from a donor to a destination (the bare area). Think of it as transplanting a plant from one jar to another, the plant is the hair and the pot is your scalp.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi Location

Many doctors who want to learn hair transplants want to practice them, offering hair transplantation through price reductions. Take care of such clinics.
Delhi is considered the center of hair loss treatment in India and therefore there are a large number of child transfers each year. This treatment includes many high tech methods and therefore increases the cost of each intensive method you choose.
There is no logic regarding the costs of hair transplant procedures: they are very expensive, many of us believe that this is only cheap for celebrities. The US and Europe are more expensive than the rest of the world. For example, the most popular method for extracting FU (Follicular Unit) in the US.  And for follicular transplantation (FUTT or strip method) in Europe, 7-9 $ and 3-7 $ are spent per graft. On average, a normal hair transplant session in these countries can cost between $ 6,000 and $ 15,000.

Best Hair Specialists in Delhi

We give you the best treatment for the price that affects the budget. Our treatments are carried out by experienced experts. No effects. We have advanced technology and equipment based on the latest technology. Although hair removal technology is dominant in India, the cost of this technology is uncertain and dependent on experts.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

Get the best hair transplant in the sunshine hair clinic to eliminate your obligation with doctors. Take a positive step to consult with our best pediatric surgeons in Delhi. Sunshine is preferred by everyone on a global scale who makes the right choice and does not experiment with calendaring. Sunshine is mainly in the method of hair transplantation with its patent equipment. You will find many suggestions in this category, but the Delhi Sunshine Center hair transplant is best suited for its widespread procedures until it sees the fully promised results until the patient begins the first phase.
You will find that the most respected people have an HT process with Sunshine. You have to think very well and we think that the costs should not affect your appearance and your natural hair patterns. We offer the activities for all hair transplants in your daily lifestyle and eating habits in Sunshine and if yes, then no. Before and after photos of hair transplants, we will be glad to see that we have performed. In the form of our online support and, if necessary, further help to relieve your anxiety at every level, even after surgery. Our complete support system is so simple that you do not have to hurt your obligations and actions in your daily life in any way.

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Hair Transplant Procedure in Delhi

Hair Transplant Procedure

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The hair transplantation process in which we are specialists includes follicular unit grafting  (FUT) and robot-assisted follicular unit excision (FUE, formerly called follicular unit extraction) using robotic systems ARTAS.
For FUT, the donor’s room is removed from the area behind the head with a surgical blade, which reduces the risk of transaction or damages the donor’s hair. Then, the grafts are carefully dissected under a microscope in “follicular units” in which, naturally, there are 1, 2 or 3 hairs.

For FUE, a small round perforation device separates the individual follicular units (naturally 1 to 4 hairs). This is achieved using the most technologically advanced system, restoration robotics using the art system. The trades came out of their hands and divided into their respective units, 1, 2 and 3-4 hair trades.

Once the grafts are obtained, using FUT or FUE, they are strategically placed in the recipient’s area so that the most natural results available at that time can be provided. The combination of grafts is done with very small needles. We use a method called “rod and place” where a small tunnel is formed and the corruption is immediately maintained in this tunnel. This method allows us to get closer to each other, with the small size of the needle. After all, it can provide the results of a beautiful and dense hair transplant.

Hair Transplantation: FUE vs FUT

Both extraction forces are weak and weak. Below you will find a comparison between your choices.


  • Many small bullet-shaped marks
  • No software
  • Shaving of the entire donor area is required
  • Minimal postoperative pain
  • The array is not literally informed


  • Linear brand
  • Disintegrated costume
  • Formula covered by the existing child after birth
  • Analgesics are required 2 to 3 days after a postoperative inconvenience
  • Visible brands with a very little hairstyle

Hair transplant treatment can be done with Sunshine Hair Clinic. They provide smart technicians who can guide themselves to choosing the right rod.


Tips: When Choosing a Hair transplant Surgeon

Hair transplantation is the main completely regular, powerful and dependable outcome creating solution for male pattern baldness. In this period of advanced data, relatively every balding sufferer has come to think about the viability of hair transplantation.

Individuals who need to beat their hairlessness here and there may hurry into picking a hair transplant specialist for them. This may lead them to an even most exceedingly awful condition without settling the male pattern baldness concern. Hair transplant Delhi facility takes an activity to help the sufferer around along these lines giving a point by point session of free discussion before your hair transplant.

Here are the tips to pick the correct hair transplant specialist for you:

Hair Regrowth

Education and certification

In this time of cutting-edge correspondence choices, it has turned out to be less demanding to distinguish the certification of your specialist. Read well on the web about every one of the capabilities and aptitudes of your working specialist. Experiencing a hair transplantation technique isn’t easy that it can be an intense ordeal of your life. Hair transplant medical procedure, when performed by the correct specialist, is definitely not a major ordeal by any means.

Ask about the experience of the operating surgeon

As in some other medical procedure, the experience of the specialist in a hair transplant medical procedure matters the most. The accomplished specialist will have the capacity to kill every one of the obstacles and intricacies that you may experience amid a hair transplant technique. The experience ought not to be tallied by the age but rather by the quantity of years he or she is playing out the medical procedures.

Techniques of performing the surgery

Go for the specialist who is agreeable in performing diverse hair transplantation methods. This will enable you to choose a suitable system for your particular male pattern baldness concern. It is prescribed to solicit your specialist from his/her experience about the methodology that you need to experience.

Here are sure inquiries that you may need to ask your specialist before the strategy

  1. What strategy will be utilized to extricate the unions?
  2. Will the specialist/specialist play out the follicle extraction?
  3. Is the extraction manual or computerized?
  4. What number of strategies to join extraction are accessible?

Ask for before and after images

Ask delicately to your specialist to demonstrate the when pictures of the ongoing patient that your specialist has worked. See the pictures and become acquainted with about the distinctive hair transplant procedures that have been utilized to accomplish the showed comes about.

Does your surgeon provide a consultation?

Go to the center that encourages you to have a pre-system conference with the specialist. It will enable you to talk about every one of the results of your up and coming hair transplant methodology. These are the issues that you have to solicit your specialist at the time from a meeting.


  • Am I a suitable candidate to undergo a hair transplant?
  • Are you a doctor/surgeon who will perform the process of hair transplant?
  • What are the examinations required before preparing for a hair transplant methodology?
  • What number of strands would I be able to get back on my head?
  • What is the appropriate strategy for my condition?
  • What number of sitting will it require?
  • What are the contributor locale and acceptor area?
  • What would it be a good idea for me to anticipate from the medical procedure?
  • Is the transplanted hair stay there for the lifetime?

Hair transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant Clinic Delhi has a team of expert and board-certified surgeons who have a vast experience in dealing with each and every kind of hair transplant. Get our free consultation and help yourself to choose the best possible hair restoration procedure for your condition.

Healing Process Following Hair Transplant Procedure

Male pattern baldness is an aggravating corrective issue to go over in light of the fact that it changes your emotional well-being adversely. Luckily, there is a changeless answer for this problem, and it’s the main “Hair Transplant”.


Hair transplant is a surgery which includes transplantation of hair follicles from Donor destinations (sparseness opposed territories) to the Recipient locales (bare regions).

Cover Your Baldness Increase Density Get Natural Looking Hairs.

There are two most regular strategies to perform hair transplantation including FUE and FUT. FUE is the strategy most favored by the specialist all around the globe. It includes extraction of solitary follicular units. Other than FUE, some specialist may likewise incline toward FUT that includes the extraction of a strip.

Healing process of hair transplant

After the medical procedure, the transplanted joins experience various eliminates before giving the coveted results. The last outcomes show up around following multi year of the medical procedure. Here is the well ordered finish procedure of recuperating after a hair transplant medical procedure.

1st week

Amid beginning couple of days after the medical procedure, the patient may feel slight inconvenience and swell on the scalp and brow however these will vanish out following 4-5 days. You will likewise encounter little blood clump development at the destinations of cut however these leave inside 6-7 days after the medical procedure. Any sort of redness that is happened because of the medical procedure leaves in the primary week after the strategy.

2nd week

Amid the second week, the careful lines/staples are evacuated by your pro. This procedure is painstakingly performed at Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai. Three weeks after the strategy, you will encounter a shedding of transplanted hair. This is ordinary and hair develops back after some time.

1-2 months after the procedure

Following couple of weeks to months, most patients begin to witness the development of new hair turning out from the transplanted follicles. This shifts from patient to patient and typical timetable is 3 months. The new hair will be thin and fine anyway will thicken after some time.

Amid this time the patient may similarly observe the improvement of a skin break out like condition in the Recipient locales. This is standard and is only a bit of the new hairs attempting to wind up through the scalp. Sometimes, these can end up being by chance gotten under the skin like an ingrown hair anyway the condition is ephemeral. This is a positive sign of new improvement!

6 months after the procedure

Following a half year of the strategy, the patient begins to encounter a significant development in hair. The measure of recently developed strands is 2-3 inches in length.

9 months after the procedure

Following 9 months, the patient will witness most astounding change since the beginning of the strategy. The strands end up denser and thicker than previously.

After one year

Following an entire multi year, you will witness the ultimate results of the method. You will appreciate recognizable upgrades on your scalp. The strands that are developing on your head will remain there for whatever is left of the life. You can trim and style your hair the way you need. There is no uncommon administering to the new hair yet the customary shampoos and oils are sufficient to keep them sound.

Hair transplant in Delhi

If you want to know more about the hair transplant in delhi and its recovery process, feel free to book our free consultation by just filling an online form. The expert surgeons at the Hair transplant Clinic are there to serve you with the best possible remedy for your condition.

8 Receding Hairline Treatment In 2018

Is your hairline beginning to resemble a shoreline with an approaching low tide? If the amount of hair loss is starting to appear more obvious by the day, the wisest thing to do now is to act on it right away.There are various subsiding hairline medicines that are accessible for you to use at present, all with their own sort of way to deal with stop the over the top shedding and reestablish hair volume.

If you are looking for a way to address your follicular dilemma, you definitely need to read this

Hair loss facts

Regain Your Younger Look

Balding doesn’t really imply that you are encountering a therapeutic emergency. It is typical for us to lose hair consistently. Be that as it may, we don’t lose them by the thousands. We just shed around 50-100 hair strands every day. That may seem like a considerable measure, however as a general rule, you won’t see the hair fall. It is just when there is critical balding that you see your hair thickness getting to be more slender, or your hairline beginning to subside.

In unreasonable male pattern baldness, the reason can be multifactorial. It can originate from a  few potential reasons, for example, hereditary qualities, stress, solutions, or certain conditions. In men, the standard guilty party behind the issue is their DNA which could bring about a condition which is alluded to as male androgenetic alopecia. This is genuine in more seasoned men of honor, as well as notwithstanding for young fellows as well.

Androgenetic alopecia or male example sparseness is caused by a hormone which triggers hair diminishing and shedding. In a few men, it might begin in the center bit of the scalp while it gradually increments in distance across. For others, it can begin at the frontal hairline and it retreats in reverse.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant system is viewed if all else fails in hair reclamation as a result of its intrusive nature. Beside being a costly system, it must be taken with a great deal of contemplations so you get the most ideal outcomes.

Careful hair rebuilding accompanies two distinctive methodologies, the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT is the conventional technique which includes the formation of a direct cut that keeps running over the back of the scalp to evacuate a bit of the scalp containing the contributor hairs. In the interim, the FUE strategy is less intrusive on the grounds that it just includes the expulsion of the contributor unites in a punch-like technique. It is less awful to the scalp and it doesn’t bring about evident scars, yet it is more costly.

Hair transplant cost fluctuate for every person, and it relies upon the accompanying:

  • The territory of male pattern baldness that must be secured .
  • The kind of procedure utilized .
  • The kind of procedure utilized .
  • The kind of procedure utilized .
  • The kind of system (regardless of whether on the off chance that it is an essential method or a repair).Hair transplant medical procedure has been respected a solid arrangement in reestablishing male pattern baldness. It might have certain dangers because of its obtrusive nature, however this can be fundamentally reduced when you have it done by trustworthy and ensured specialists. It gives you the volume and scope that turns out characteristic looking. This is the reason, in spite of its cost, numerous are thinking about this treatment.

Start by getting the help that you need today from someone who is on the same page as you. Book your consultation today and ask Dr. Namrita Ghai of the Sunshine hair clinic your burning hair transplant questions.

Hair Transplant in Paschim Vihar

Hair Transplant Surgery

All about Hair Transplant Surgery


Many of us are affected by Hair Loss worries for most parts of our lives. Premature baldness and various other hair problems are a result of poor hair care due to our hectic lifestyle. There are various other reasons too like hormonal changes, heredity, burn or injury that can also lead to hair loss.

We help you to restore your lost hairline in an easy and efficient way by using hair transplant technology.

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant surgery is the only permanent solution for Hair loss in Men and women. It is also known as Hair restoration surgery. Hair Transplant is a procedure where hair is picked up from the donor area and transferred to the recipient area or balding area. Follicular Unit Extraction is the most popular technique for this. FUE has improved the gamut of surgeries done in hair transplant procedure. Hair from various parts such as chest beard etc. can also be used for hair transplant through FUE procedure.

Procedure for Hair Transplant.

There are multiple processes for Hair Transplant or Hair restoration surgery. The 2 most important steps are:

Hair Follicle Harvesting- This is the method of extracting follicular hair from the patient’s scalp from an area where there is a higher concentration of the hair. The donor’s hair is taken usually from the back of the scalp.

Hair Follicle Transplanting- In this process the harvested hair is transplanted to the recipient area also known as the balding area

What do we do?

When a patient visits us for the 1st time we provide a free consultation. This gives the patients an idea of the procedure and helps him to decide better. Once the patient makes a final decision and comes to us for the Hair Transplant procedure we do the hairline drawing and final counseling. The patient is given required medicines and paperwork is completed. Then we do hypersensitivity test and the patient is taken to the procedure room. Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation etc. are the vital parameters that are monitored.

Scalp from where the hair follicles need to be extracted is made numb by the use of local anesthesia. After this recipient site is marked subjected to the natural hair density, growth pattern of the natural existing hair and alignment of the hair strands. Grafts that naturally occur in the group of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair are extracted one by one using micro punches and are positioned at the recipient site. Double checking of the grafts is done before finally closing the procedure to ensure proper placement. Post-operative medicines and solutions are given to the patients.

Advantages of FUE

  • No scars as there are no stitches
  • No incisions
  • No postoperative discomfort
  • Quick Healing and normal routine life can be followed
  • Useful in Body to scalp hair transplant


We at Sunshine Hair clinic are the best hair transplant centre in Delhi follow the step wise Hair transplant process as guided by IMA. Contact us for your affordable Hair transplant surgery.

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