You can expect Hair loss to slow down and come to a halt after the 5th treatment and hair starts to grow again after the 8th treatment. This result is seen in 99% of patients.

Yes, mesotherapy is effective against men’s hair loss. At the first consultation we determine what kind of hair loss you have and based on this we choose the treatment substances.

There is absolutely no pain. Even patients who are afraid of needles only mention minimal discomfort.

You cannot have Mesotherapy if you have any active skin disease or inflammation. You also cannot have the hair loss treatment if you have diabetes, haemophilia, or if you are pregnant.

There are usually no allergic reactions as the injected substance contains vitamins and tissue friendly materials

The treatment is usually of eight sessions. However, results are observed only after the 5th session. Each weekly session takes approximately half an hour.

We advise you not to wash your hair in the first 24 hours after the treatment session in order to let the substances work.

In case of dandruff, a dermatological consultation is advisable. This is extremely important because first of all we have to clear up what causes the dandruff. If the dermatologist thinks that Mesotherapy can help you, it is worth starting the treatment.