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Hair Transplant Surgery

We all take our health, youth and our Hair for granted until they are gone. For numerous people around the world Hair transplant or Hair implant surgery is a way to get back their youth or at least a fuller head of hair. It induces the lost confidence in people and gives a boost to their personality.

Hair Transplant

What is Hair transplant?

Hair transplantation, also known as hair implant is a surgical process which restores hair from bald areas of the scalp, the beard, eyebrows, and even chest using the patient’s own hair. The donor’s hair is picked up from the back side of the patients own head. At times the donor hair can be taken from chest too. This hair is hereditarily programmed to be permanent and is not prone to the hair loss process. Hair implant surgery is the only way to restore the lost hair permanently,

Techniques of Hair transplant procedure

The latest technique available in hair transplantation today is follicular unit extraction or FUE. The choice of technique depends on the comfort level of both patient and doctor and also on the kind of result the patient is expecting. FUE grafts boast of brilliant regrowth. While the entire back or sides of the head need to be shaved in order to get several hundred grafts, these sites tend to heal up in a matter of days, allowing patients to get back to their regular life quickly. Because of the extra work and proficiency involved, FUE is a somewhat more costly procedure, but for most patients represents a small additional investment to assure the best long-term outcome and maximum satisfaction.

Hair Restoration surgery is performed for persons with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. It is not advised for persons with diffuse hair loss because adequate donor hairs from the back and sides of the scalp must be available for transplanting. Individuals with thin or absent eyebrows, mustaches or beards, as well as those with hair loss due to scars, wound or prior surgery are also apt candidates. Hair transplant procedure can be performed on individuals with a wide range of age group.

Recovery and results.

Hair transplant surgery has very little recovery time as it is minimally invasive. Most Patients return to their normal activity in 2 days although strenuous exercise needs to be avoided for five days. The transplanted hairs fall out at 3 weeks, and then regrowth starts at four to six months. Following six to nine months, it takes on a fuller look.

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