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Metro-sexuality is the new trend that has brought a sea change in the Indian men mentality. Gone are those days when only the brides were worried about wedding looks. Hair transplant surgery has become very common with Indian grooms as it lets you meet the brand new you. With advancements in Hair transplant technology, the efficiency and affordability have increased manifolds. Grooms who are not very confident about their looks have opted for Hair Transplant surgery which has proved a blessing in disguise for them. This has completely transformed them and helped them to get rid of all their insecurities.

Men are most susceptible to face Hair Loss from the crown area. Hence let us learn more about Crown Hair transplant surgery.

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What is Crown Hair Transplant?

The top part of the scalp is known as crown or vertex. The hair at this part of the scalp grows at multiple angles and hence hair transplant in the area is most challenging to get naturals results. Crown area is large and requires a large number of grafts to cover it completely and provide natural density. For Hair restoration in the crown region, the most common technique adopted is FUE hair transplant.

Procedure-Crown Hair Transplant

There are certain facts that need to be kept in mind while considering the crown hair transplant. The crown area for people suffering from male pattern baldness tends to recede at a very high rate and is mostly lifelong. Sunshine Hair clinic advises that people below 32 years of age should not opt for hair transplant surgery as this leads to loss of enough donor’s hair to completely fill the bald area. Depending on the extent of hair transplant at times 2 sessions of hair transplant area required. The technique that is followed is FUE. In Follicular Hair Extraction technique hair is picked up from the back of scalp through a minimally invasive procedure. This leaves very tiny circular scars which are not at all visible once the hair grows back. Each graft contains 2 to 4 hairs. They are picked and transplanted with a lot of precision.

Advantages of FUE

  • No scars as there are no stitches
  • No incisions
  • No postoperative discomfort
  • Quick Healing and normal routine life can be followed
  • Useful in Body to scalp hair transplant



Recovery-Post crown Hair Transplant surgery.

The average recovery time post-surgery is 24 hours. The patient can get back to their routine life from next day onwards. High strenuous activities are to be avoided. At sunshine hair clinic, ample instructions along with post-care medicines are given to the patient to avoid any kind of discomfort.

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