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Male Pattern Baldness


Most men and women today suffer from hair loss or baldness or hair thinning. The most common type of Hair loss pattern is known as male pattern baldness. It happens to men post 50 years of age and keeps on increasing with age.


What leads to Male pattern baldness?

Baldness is genetic problems. Most people suffer hair loss due to family history of baldness. Male pattern baldness is actually associated with male sex hormones called androgens. This has been found in a research on androgenic alopecia. This hormone is mainly responsible for regulation of hair growth in the human body.

Every hair on the scalp follows a particular life cycle. Due to male pattern baldness, the hair starts to get weaker and the life cycle shortens. The growth factor that leads to hair growth weakens and eventually dies. This leads to no further hair growth in that area. There is no serious side effect associated with male pattern Hair baldness. In rare cases, it may lead to further complications.

There are various types of treatments available to treat this problem, but the only permanent solution to this is Hair transplant surgery or Hair restoration surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure and is performed in a single sitting. Patients get back to their routine life within 2 days.

Risks associated with Male Pattern Baldness

In the present scenario, the hair loss has started to occur in teens as well and this is a big concern.

Presently lots of teenagers are also suffering from hair loss problems and that is a really very serious issue. This problem usually increases with age and here genetics plays a major role in growth as well as the occurrence. Men with close relatives with such type of problem may be at greater risk and this issue is found to be more serious if all those relatives belong to family’s maternal side.

It is possible to make use of hair transplant technologies to get rid of male pattern baldness but before doing that it is much better to take proper feedback from doctors. They will first analyze your blood samples and will ensure that which type of therapy is suitable for you depending on your body type.

Hair transplant is one of the most preferred solutions for male pattern baldness where hairs from heavy growth areas are taken and implanted on some other baldness or thin hair areas of the scalp. But this type of treatment requires multiple treatments and some of these procedures also carry the risk of infection as well as scarring. The biggest advantage of hair transplant is that it looks more natural and results are permanent. Going bald at an early age is really a big change and it is not acceptable for all; if you are really very conscious about your appearance and want to stay away from baldness then it is good to consult Dr. NamrataGhai of Sunshine hair Clinic for appropriate treatment.Call for A free consultation.


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