Healing Process Following Hair Transplant Procedure

Male pattern baldness is an aggravating corrective issue to go over in light of the fact that it changes your emotional well-being adversely. Luckily, there is a changeless answer for this problem, and it’s the main “Hair Transplant”.


Hair transplant is a surgery which includes transplantation of hair follicles from Donor destinations (sparseness opposed territories) to the Recipient locales (bare regions).

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There are two most regular strategies to perform hair transplantation including FUE and FUT. FUE is the strategy most favored by the specialist all around the globe. It includes extraction of solitary follicular units. Other than FUE, some specialist may likewise incline toward FUT that includes the extraction of a strip.

Healing process of hair transplant

After the medical procedure, the transplanted joins experience various eliminates before giving the coveted results. The last outcomes show up around following multi year of the medical procedure. Here is the well ordered finish procedure of recuperating after a hair transplant medical procedure.

1st week

Amid beginning couple of days after the medical procedure, the patient may feel slight inconvenience and swell on the scalp and brow however these will vanish out following 4-5 days. You will likewise encounter little blood clump development at the destinations of cut however these leave inside 6-7 days after the medical procedure. Any sort of redness that is happened because of the medical procedure leaves in the primary week after the strategy.

2nd week

Amid the second week, the careful lines/staples are evacuated by your pro. This procedure is painstakingly performed at Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai. Three weeks after the strategy, you will encounter a shedding of transplanted hair. This is ordinary and hair develops back after some time.

1-2 months after the procedure

Following couple of weeks to months, most patients begin to witness the development of new hair turning out from the transplanted follicles. This shifts from patient to patient and typical timetable is 3 months. The new hair will be thin and fine anyway will thicken after some time.

Amid this time the patient may similarly observe the improvement of a skin break out like condition in the Recipient locales. This is standard and is only a bit of the new hairs attempting to wind up through the scalp. Sometimes, these can end up being by chance gotten under the skin like an ingrown hair anyway the condition is ephemeral. This is a positive sign of new improvement!

6 months after the procedure

Following a half year of the strategy, the patient begins to encounter a significant development in hair. The measure of recently developed strands is 2-3 inches in length.

9 months after the procedure

Following 9 months, the patient will witness most astounding change since the beginning of the strategy. The strands end up denser and thicker than previously.

After one year

Following an entire multi year, you will witness the ultimate results of the method. You will appreciate recognizable upgrades on your scalp. The strands that are developing on your head will remain there for whatever is left of the life. You can trim and style your hair the way you need. There is no uncommon administering to the new hair yet the customary shampoos and oils are sufficient to keep them sound.

Hair transplant in Delhi

If you want to know more about the hair transplant in delhi and its recovery process, feel free to book our free consultation by just filling an online form. The expert surgeons at the Hair transplant Clinic are there to serve you with the best possible remedy for your condition.


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